Rimini is here.

The Paga Welcome Party is held at the same place where the Paganello headquarters and the fields are: this place (the City of Paga) is here, Beach #34 (it is the same place as last year)
[all the Paga-hotels are at walking distance from this location]

The Beach zone #1 is at the harbor and the Beach-zone numbers increase by going south (moving with the sea on your left): the City of Paga is located about 1.5 km. south of the Rimini harbor.
So the golden rule is: whenever you get lost, get yourself to the seaside (by following the signs “mare” i.e. sea) and find your way by looking at the Beach zones numbers.

important: if the weather will be good, on Monday it may be difficult to get away from Rimini: trains full (reserve if you can) and traffic on the highways (Rimini-Bologna can be 2 hrs instead of the ordinary 1 hr)

if you’re coming by car:
leave the highway (”autostrada”) A14 at “Rimini Sud”, then follow the sings “Mare” (sea) and “Delfinario” (Delfinarium): you should get to the seaside at about Beach #60.
Then drive north until you get to the Beach number #34 (see above)
Italian highways (Autostrade) web site

if you’re coming by train:
you can walk to City of Paga (20 minutes) or catch bus #11 (direction: Riccione) in front of the railway station (see below for more info).
indications to get to Paga on foot: just turn right as you get out of the station. After about 200 mts, right after the restaurant “Marina Grande”, take the pedestrian subway under the railways. As you get out of the subway, turn right in Via Monfalcone and keep on walking, bording a wall on your right, until you find Viale Trento on your left: just turn there.
After about 600 mts. you will find yourself on the seaside in fronf of Beach #28: turn right until you get to #34.

If you catch bus 11 at the station, you need to purchase the ticket (before getting on the bus) in front of the station (look for the stand/cabin with the sign “bus tickets” and/or “tram”). After a subway under the railways, the bus runs on an avenue (Viale Principe Amedeo); as it gets to its end (where a fountain is placed), it turns right and takes the parallel street of the seaside (Viale Vespucci).
Just get off at the third stop after this turn (bus stop #12) and then keep on walking on the same direction, until you can turn left towards the sea: you should be in front of Beach #28. Then walk until Beach#34.
It should take about 10 minutes from the train station.

Bus #11 can be also helpful to reach any Paga hotel.

Approx. prices of train tickets to Rimini (one way):
from Bologna: 10 Euros (1hr), many direct trains
from Milan: 30 Euros (3hrs), some direct trains, otherwise you have to change in Bologna.
from Rome: 50 Euros (4 hrs): very few direct trains, most of the times you have to change in Bologna.
Italian railways web site

if you’re coming by plane:
from Rimini airport, you can catch a bus (#9) and get off at the train station (from this place, follow the indication displayed above). In this case, you need to purchase the ticket before getting on the bus at the newspaper stand at the entrance of the airport. It should take about half an hour to get to the train station.You can also take a taxi. The approximate rate for a ride to the tournament venue is 15/20 Euro.

Links to other airports:

Bologna: quite close to the railway station (about 30 min.) that can be reached with a bus leaving right in front of the airport exit (ticket is 6 Euros and can be purchased on the bus). From Bologna there are many direct trains to Rimini (about 1hr). Several Ryanair flights land in Bologna.

Forli’: about 45 km. from Rimini, many flights from East Europe arrive here.There is a bus which takes you to the local train station: there are many direct trains to Rimini (about 1/2 hr)

Milano (Malpensa): this is Milan airport where intercontinental flights arrive, quite far from the Milan railways station (about 1 hr): there is either a direct bus service to the railways station or a train which gets you to a underground/tube station from which you can reach the railways station. From Milan there are some direct trains to Rimini (about 3 hrs) and many direct trains to Bologna (about 2 hrs) from where you can catch a train to Rimini.

Milano (Linate): Milano city airport: bus service to Milan train station

Ancona (Falconara): about 1 hr by train from Rimini. From the airport there are both train and bus connection with the Ancona railways station from where you can catch trains to Rimini

Venice: about 2.5 hrs by train from Rimini. A bus service to the Venice train station is available

Rome (Fiumicino/Leonardo da Vinci): main Rome airport: train/shuttle service (about 35 min) to the Rome central train station (”Roma Termini”).

Rome (Ciampino): bus service to the Rome railways station

From Rome there are very few direct trains to Rimini: the most common way to get to Rimini is to take a train to Bologna and change there.