Fees & Deadlines



Player fee = €110
Guest fee = €80

Early bird (pay deposit before January 31st)

Player fee = €95
Guest fee = €70


Player fee = €80

Early bird (pay deposit before January 31st)

Player fee = €75

A non-refundable of €200 deposit per team is required to secure your spot.

NOTE: the deposit is non refundable.

What do you get included:

  • 3 days of the Best Beach Ultimate in the World;
  • The famous Welcome Party, on Friday 7th April, with free wine, pasta and saracine (small blue fish);
  • A super chilled Italian aperitivo on the Beach, on Saturday evening;
  • The again-famous Closing Paganello Party on Sunday night! It will be a costume party, so don’t forget your wings and aureole;
  • A gadget (fair enough);
  • 3 days of lunch during the tournament;
  • Physiotherapists and doctors for the duration of the tournament;
  • The Arena, the Paganello main stage
  • All the sun we can got you!


  • January 31st - End first registration round and early bird offer
  • February 28th - Closing registration
  • March 15th - We’re sending you a final form to be sure to have all the information we need
  • March 21nd - Your team information should be finalized by now

NOTE: Please contact Alex at info@paganello.com for any questions or problems you are having about the registration.

And contact Maria at hotel@paganello.com about the hotels and accommodations.

If you know you are going to pay late please contact Alex as soon as possible, thanks for the collaboration.

How to pay

By bank transfer:

  • IBAN: IT11Y0627024200CC0610280045
  • Address: Via del biancospino, 8/b, 47921 Rimini RN

Please contact info@paganello.com if you need any other details to pay.

Transfer detail:

  • If you paying the deposit enter: *Your team name* - *Division* - PAGANELLO 2023 - DEPOSIT
  • If you paying the full fee enter: *Your team name* - *Division* - PAGANELLO 2023 - FULL FEE

Once you have done the transfer you MUST complete the form at the link into the confirmation E-mail you received when you signed up, and specify which fee are you notifying, every payment verification must be done trough that form:

This is essential as you need to sending us the proof of payment to ensure we’re reserving you the spot and have the right details to make the tax invoice.

If you need other form of payment contact us at info@paganello.com

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