What is Paganello?

Dreaming of one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Europe? Dreaming of warmly weather playing Frisbee? Just add on music, parties, sport, competition and people coming from the whole world. Wake up! It’s not a dream, it’s Paganello time!

Paganello is a Frisbee tournament, which includes two disciplines: Beach Ultimate, a team sport played with the Frisbee (beach version of Ultimate Frisbee) and Freestyle, which is played individually or in groups of two or three, for those who love acrobatics. Born as a weekend between friends, Paga, as called by the fans, turned to be the most prestigious Beach tournament in the Ultimate world. Teams from Usa, where Frisbee born fifty years ago, Russia, Sweden, Canada, UK and so on join Paganello every year.

Beach Ultimate is really easy: 5 players, a field of 75meters long and 25 width with two opposite end zones. As in rugby, you score when a player get the Frisbee in the end zone. The difference is that you cannot walk with the Frisbee in your hand, you have only 10 seconds to throw it and the physical contact is almost absent. Have you ever seen it? Till now, have you been thinking that the Frisbee was only played with your dog? This is not true. Come to
Paganello and take a look! You will be surprised of the atmosphere, the colors and matches played without referee. Yes, without referee. The players, they referee by themselves in a fair played game and respect of the rules, unlike the most famous and popular sports.

Freestyle is a discipline practiced either individually and in couples and it runs as gymnastics or figure skating: every athlete performs an exercise with the Frisbee under a musical symphony in front of a panel of judges and a coloured crowd that are going to judge the performer on the strength of some criteria. Show guaranteed!

Paga is a tradition, as Wimbledon for tennis players. If you love this sport, you must come to Rimini once in life: challenges with the best players of your discipline, half kilometer of free beach dedicated to Frisbee and parties, and dancing until morning.

Paga is not only sport and competition. Paganello are concerts, parties, free wine and piadina on the Welcome Party. Furthermore, you will find activities for children and, why not, try to play Frisbee you too!

See you on the beach! Free entrance obviously! And we take care of the ecology with “Paganello is green” and the objective is to be a zero environmental impact.

Paganello takes place on Easter (from Saturday to Monday). The finals start from 12:30 on Monday, whereas on Sunday afternoon start the finals of the Freestyle division (from 14:30)

Can’t miss it!

Green Paganello

Let’s make it Green!
GreenPaganello is a project started in 2008 that continues improving year after year. The goal is to make the tournament completely sustainable in both environmental and social impacts.

Clean Energy
All the power required to operate the Paganello is clean because it’s provided by the Municipality of Rimini through Multiutility. Multiutility produces energy only from renewable sources.
The organization of Paganello rejects the use of all items of disposable plastic (bottles, glasses, plates, cutlery) during the event, also, game discs are made of an organic polymer!
Water saving
Water supply is designed to avoid plastic and packing waste, and besides, to save water. Paganello provides the supply of water that can be filled, as needed, at the drinking fountains provided by the Rimini Lifeguards Committee ”E’ mer in festa”.
Separate waste collection
GreenPaganello’s success depends on all participants and visitors, that’s why we ask our guests to pay attention to separate waste collection.

There are few simple rules to follow at Paganello, in order to get a clean beach and a cleaner world:

  1. Yellow waste bins -> plastics (but as said before we don’t provide any type of plastics) and aluminium (cans, tins etc. )
  2. Green waste bins -> glass only
  3. Brown waste bins -> organic waste (all food containers, glasses and cutlery are organic, made with Mater Bi*)

What is Mater Bi
To make it even greener, all the cutlery, cups and food containers Paganello will give you, are made of Mater Bi, a bioplastic designed to biodegrade, 100 % organic!

See you at Paganello!

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