Paganello 2023

2023 general Info

Welcome to Paganello Paradiso 2023!

The gates to the Heaven are wide open! Registration is too!

Paganello will take place from Saturday 8 April, until Monday 10 April, 5pm. As always across the Easter weekend!

We have enough room for the following spots:

  • LOOSE MIXED: 64 TEAMS (1 or 2 women on the line)
  • OPEN: 16 TEAMS
  • WOMEN: 8 TEAMS (women division will be confirmed January 31st)
  • U20: 16 TEAMS
  • U15: 16 TEAMS

For more information about the Schedule, format and event, check our FAQ page or feel free to contact us.

More information will be released closer to the event dates.


Player fee = €110
Guest fee = €80

A non-refundable of €200 deposit per team is required to secure your spot, the leftovers team will be put in waiting list.

Check the Fees and Deadline page for more information about costs and terms of payment.

The most important thing about costs is that we have a super early bird offer: if you pay your deposit before January 31st your team get a discount on the player fee

What do you get included:

  • 3 days of the Best Beach Ultimate in the World;
  • The famous Welcome Party, on Friday 7th April, with free wine, pasta and saracine (small blu fish);
  • A super chilled Italian aperitivo on the Beach, on Saturday evening;
  • The again-famous Closing Paganello Party on Sunday night! It will be a costume party, so don’t forget your wings and aureole;
  • A gadget (fair enough);
  • 3 days of lunch during the tournament;
  • Physiotherapists and doctors for the duration of the tournament;
  • The Arena, the Paganello main stage
  • All the sun we can got you!


If you need an accommodation option we’re super glad to provide it for you, contact Maria at and we'll provide you with some option for your staying. More information about hotels and accommodation will be released closer to the event, because (sadly) due to the energetic crisis, more and more hotels are deciding to stay closed until summer. (So hurry up, it could get crowded fast)


We will be doing our best to provide you with a choice of delicious pasta, and similar Italian sweets. If you are vegan or vegetarian don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, just be sure to let us know.

For every inquire, question, or else don’t esitate to contact us at or through the contact form here on the website

See you on the Beach!



Paganello will be waiting for you on the Beach of Rimini, Emilia Romagna, Italy. 

And the Paga village will rise in front of Piazzale Alberto Marvelli, on Beach #37 (in Rimini we have numbered beaches, zone #1 is at the harbor and the numbers increase by going south (moving with the sea on your left).

Have a look at the city:

If you’re coming by car:

leave the highway (”autostrada”) A14 at “Rimini Sud”, then follow the sings “Mare” (sea) and “Delfinario” (Delfinarium): you should hake to look for Beach #34.

Italian highways (Autostrade):

If you’re coming by train:

Approx. prices of train tickets to Rimini (one way):

  • from Bologna: 10 Euros (1hr), many direct trains
  • from Milan: 30 Euros (3hrs), some direct trains, otherwise you have to change in Bologna.
  • from Rome: 50 Euros (4 hrs): very few direct trains, most of the time you have to change in Bologna.

Italian train service website:

Once you’ve reached the Rimini Station

You can walk to Paga Village:

Exit the railway station and go straight until the small roundabout, then head to your left until you see a big bridge (looking like something from the Lord of the Rings), and go left through the park on your left again. Follow the park until the beach, you’re going to be at beach #28, head to your right and look for the big tent waiting for you. (Quickest way to the Paga Village)

Or catch bus #11 (direction: Riccione)

in front of the railway station. You need to purchase the ticket, before getting on the bus. Look for the stand/cabin with the sign “bus tickets” and/or “START”). 

Once you’ve caught it: after a subway under the railways, the bus runs on an avenue (Viale Principe Amedeo); as it gets to its end (where a fountain is placed), it turns right and takes the parallel street of the seaside (Viale Vespucci).

Just get off at the third stop after this turn (bus stop #12) and then keep on walking in the same direction, until you can turn left towards the sea: you should be in front of Beach #28. It should take about 10 minutes from the train station.

Bus #11 can be also helpful to reach any Paga hotel.

If you’re coming by plane:

Unfortunately, Rimini airport has just a few destinations and arrival available so here’s a list of the most common airport you should check out to reach Rimini:

Bologna: Several Ryanair flights land in Bologna. Quite close to the railway station (about 30 min.) that can be reached with a bus leaving right in front of the airport exit. From Bologna, there are many direct trains to Rimini (about 1hr). There’s also a shuttle that can bring you directly from Bologna Airport to Rimini.

Milano (Malpensa): this is Milan airport where intercontinental flights arrive, quite far from the Milan railways station (about 1 hr): there is either a direct bus service to the railway station or a train which gets you to an underground/tube station from which you can reach the railway station. From Milan, there are some direct trains to Rimini (about 3 hrs) and many direct trains to Bologna (about 2 hrs) from where you can catch a train to Rimini.

Milano (Linate): Milano city airport: bus service to Milan train station

Ancona (Falconara): about 1 hr by train from Rimini. From the airport, there are both train and bus connections with the Ancona railways station from where you can catch trains to Rimini

Venice: about 2.5 hrs by train from Rimini. Bus service to the Venice train station is available

Rome (Fiumicino/Leonardo da Vinci): main Rome airport: train/shuttle service (about 35 min) to the Rome central train station (”Roma Termini”).

Rome (Ciampino): bus service to the Rome railways station

From Rome, there are very few direct trains to Rimini: the most common way to get to Rimini is to take a train to Bologna and change there.

Join Paganello!
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See you on the Beach!

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